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Imagine not being able to read with your children! 
Imagine not being able to complete a job application!
Imagine not being able to read instructions on a prescription!
Today over 38% of adults in Baltimore City and 20% of adults in Baltimore County,
Maryland can not perform these tasks that we take for granted.

Literacy Works, Inc., is a non-profit organization whose mission is to improve adult and family literacy.  It funds and maintains eight adult learning centers in the Baltimore area where computer-assisted, individualized instruction is offered in adult basic education, general education diploma (GED) preparation, and in English as a second language.  Students are assisted in reading, writing, math, computer and life skills based on their individual skill levels and needs and their educational and employment goals. Some students also receive job counseling opportunities.
Besides providing instruction, Literacy Works also develops and implements
promotional campaigns to express the need for adult literacy and to recruit students and volunteers.  We operate a volunteer program in partnership with The Community College of Baltimore County that annually trains and places over 200 volunteers as classroom assistants or as one-on-one tutors for individual students. We also manage an Information and Referral Line to receive inquiries about literacy programs and volunteer opportunities and
create collaborations in neighborhoods where the literacy needs are greatest. 
Workers without high school diplomas earn 60 cents for every dollar earned by graduates.  75% of unemployed adults have reading or writing difficulties.  According to the National Institute for Literacy, children of parents, who are unemployed and have not completed high school are five times more likely to drop out of school than children of employed parents.  Teach the parent, reach the child.
At this time, Literacy Works is most fortunate to have all its space donated. Our
greatest financial needs include obtaining funds for instruction, learning materials, volunteer coordination, curriculum development, new technology, career counseling and supplies and materials for our students.
Literacy Works continues to work effectively to help reduce illiteracy, improve the quality of life for more adult learners and their children and enhance the economic development of the Baltimore community. 

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